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Hanging 2019

Latex, silicone, steel tube,

bungee cable, piano wire,

neodymium magnets. 300cm x 60cm

Being 1 2019
Steel tube, steel rod, latex inflatable,
silicone, flock powder. 150cm x 55cm

Being 2 2019
Steel tube, steel rod, flock
powder. 150cm x 55cm

Chicken with Daughter's Hair 2018
Archival Print

Chicken with Daughter's Doll's Hair 2018

Archival Print

Berkeley Square 2021
Bronze coated steel bar, bronze fittings. 240cm x 80cm


Whales, last sounds 2022

Archival print still from video  

Swan Lake 2019

Collage 65cm x 50cm

When Species Meet 2023

Chicken, feathers, beads, salt

Gladioli 2018

Collage 25cm x 15cm

Man with Macaque 2021

Collage 30cm x 20cm

Girl with White Hair 2008

Oil on board 20 cm x 15cm

Woman with Topiary 2007

Oil on board 35 cm x 25cm

Last seen at Dusk 2023

Archival Print



Wire Mother 2023 

Latex balloons, surgical instruments, shopping trolly

Ripening 2022

Latex inflatables, wool,

neodymium magnets. 250cm x 140cm


Precariosity 2022

Latex inflatables, steel chain,

neodymium magnets. 300cm x 130cm

Fluctuant 2022

Steel, latex inflatable.

280cm x 200cm

Melming, Woman 2021

Collage 30cm x 20cm

Bloat 02 2023

Balloons, surgical towel clamps, fishing line

Handle with care 2023

Chicken, foam, deflated balloon

Bloat detail 2023 

Ghost 2023

Archival Print

Floating or Drowning 2023

Archival Print



Boat 2022

Latex inflatables, bungee cable,

neodymium magnets. 220cm x 100cm


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