Mandeep Dillon draws on personal experience to produce work that explores the consequences of centuries of anthropocentrism; religious doctrine, and biological classification, which have been used to position the human as separate from and superior to nature. This has resulted in the capitalisation of almost all other life forms. While our digital world expands incomprehensibly our physical world is contracting, diminishing and homogenising into a monoculture of corn, rice, soya, chickens, pigs and cows, people and our infrastructure.


Using video installation, collage and sculpture she examines these facts by looking at examples of our conflicted and often contradictory relationship with our animal food systems and our non-human animal companions. In her sculptural works she uses materials including wax, silicone and steel to create objects that have both industrial and biological attributes. Steel is bent into angular forms, invoking a sense of chaos and violence. This is the skeletal structure on which fleshy fragments precariously hang or are draped. The viewer is invited into an encounter that is abstract and visceral, with nature in freefall, spilling and collapsing. Some of the works become interactive in response to approaching people, their movement triggering the unstable and more delicate components to bob or sway.


The act of making the work can be painstaking, requiring an intricate layering of materials and a range of techniques, this in itself becomes a performative act, with the various processes being intrinsic to the finished piece.

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