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Mandeep Dillon works across disciplines to explore notions of entropy and impermanence. Her ephemeral sculptures are an ongoing investigation into the transient physicality of human and non-human entities. Conflicted about occupying space and adding to a crowded world, temporality is an integral aspect of her work. Photographs are often the only lasting evidence of an object having existed. Works made primarily of inflatables are inherently fragile. Their physical stability depends on a delicate balance between the inner and outer pressure of their gossamer skins. Reacting to subtle environmental changes, their swollen buoyancy hints at a sense of imminent collapse. Orbs that dangle or wobble precariously may appear as parodies of entrails or as comedic characters. When situated in a landscape, they present as alien fruits or topiary. Experiencing something both abstract and visceral, the onlooker’s presence may trigger a kinetic reaction and an awareness of their embodied relationship with the sculpture. The incorporation of discarded medical and laboratory instruments suggests the fragile symbiosis between human-made and organic forms. At the end of its cycle work is deflated, re-used or re-fashioned for new purposes. The video, collage, and photography works reveal that as the human world strives to becomes more self-reflective, the animal world is becoming increasingly de-animalised. The chicken, for example, is a recurring theme and a microcosm of these ideas; it is little more than a unit of production, a thing to be traded, and no different from an inanimate widget.


2019 MA Sculpture Royal College of Art (Dissertation Distinction)


Selected Group Exhibitions

2023 The London Group Open, Copeland Gallery

2023 Artcan, Department Store Brixton

2023 Phoenix Art Space, Brighton

2023 Amplify, New Zealand Academy of Fine Arts

2023 Rawlinson & Hunter, London, Ingram Collection 

2023 Chroma, Artcan, London

2022 Unit 1 Gallery, London, Ingram Prize 

2022 New Platform Art, Parker Harris

2021 The Last Sunset, St John Church Gallery Bethnal Green 

2021 The Uncanny, Kofferraun Haus Gallery

2021 Let them Eat Cake, Huddersfield

2021 Portrait Within, The House of Tiny Smalls 

2021 Depictions of Living (On-line) 2021 Void Collective 

2020 Is this Normality? Clerkenworks, London 

2020 Little Voices, Kensington + Chelsea Art Week 

2020 Outside the Form, Fringe Arts Bath

2020 New Moon, Lumen Crypt Gallery, London 

2020 Depictions of Living, Art Pavilion, London

2019 October Gallery, collaboration with Rebecca Phillips 

2019 RCA Degree Show, London

2019 Petting Zoo, Hockney Gallery, RCA, London

2019 Dirty Hands and Revelations, Standpoint Gallery, London 

2018 Super-cult, Hockney Gallery, RCA, London

2018 WIP, RCA, London

2017 Double Pelican, Dyson Gallery, RCA, London

2017 CGP Open, London

2017 Small is Beautiful, More and Less, Unit 3 Gallery, London

2017 This Year’s Model, The Human Stain, Studio 1:1 Gallery, London


Solo Exhibitions

2023 Actone Cinema, Acton, London

2022 Objects of Disquiet, Orleans House Gallery 

2021 No 25, Berkley Square, W1

2020 Gunnersbury Park Museum, Ealing

2017 BEAT Open Studios, London



2022 Shortlisted Ingram Prize

2021 Recipient of Parker Harris New Platform Mentoring Award

2019 Madame Tussauds Fine Art Prize for final RCA MA show



2023-24 AA2A Buckinghamshire New University

2023 Cefn Garthenor, Wales

2019 Standpoint Gallery, London


2021 Art is Freedom (Anti-Slavery Day)

Curation of exhibition by survivors of modern slavery Paternoster Square, London



Mandeep Dillon lives and works in London. She has had a previous career as a documentary filmmaker and creative director. She has worked on programmes about the arts, environmental issues and conflict across the Middle East, Asia and Africa.


For more information please contact:

  • Instagram - Black Circle
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