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Hanging 2019

Latex, silicone, steel tube,

bungee cable, piano wire,

neodymium magnets. 300cm x 60cm

Being 2019
Steel tube, steel rod, latex inflatable,
silicone, flock powder. 150cm x 55cm

Being 2 2019
Steel tube, steel rod, flock
powder. 150cm x 55cm

Chicken with Daughter's Hair 2018
Archival Print

Chicken with Daughter's
Doll's Hair 2018

Archival Print

Berkeley Square 2021
Bronze coated steel bar, bronze fittings. 240cm x 80cm


Ripening 02 2022 

Latex inflatables, wool, chain neodymium magnets.

340cm x 120cm

Mrs Dunn's Bedroom 2022

Last Sounds 2022

Still from film archival print

Swan Lake 2019

Collage 65cm x 50cm

When Species Meet 2023

Chicken, feathers, beads, salt

Gladioli 2018

Collage 25cm x 15cm

Man with Macaque 2021

Collage 30cm x 20cm

Octavia Aged Nine Months 2008

Oil on board 25 cm x 18cm

Girl with White Hair 2008

Oil on board 20 cm x 15cm

Woman with Topiary 2007

Oil on board 35 cm x 25cm

Distabilia 2023

Latex inflatables, surgical

forceps, wire. 40cm x 150cm


Bloat 2022

Latex inflatables, bungee cable,

neodymium magnets. 260cm x 100cm

Teratoma 2023 

Latex balloons, elastic bands

Ripening 2022

Latex inflatables, wool,

neodymium magnets. 250cm x 140cm


Wire Mother 2023

Latex balloons, shopping trolly, surgical instruments

Fluctuant 2022

Steel, latex inflatable.

280cm x 200cm

Melming, Woman 2021

Collage 30cm x 20cm

Handle with care 2023

Chicken, foam, deflated balloon

Last seen at Dusk 2023

Archival Print

Bloat 3 2023

Archival Print

Float 2023

Archival Print

Bloat 02 2023

Balloons, surgical towel clamps, fishing line

Bloat 02 2023 


Ghost 01 2023

Archival print

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